Summer Camp

Here is a list of the things my daughter, Rosey, said she liked about attending Sage Programs for six years:

It’s fun!

I loved:

  • playing in the sandpile – especially water play!
  • jumping on the trampoline
  • fun art projects and songs and stories
  • wonderful friends ~ people and  animals
  • harvesting gourds and squash and beans and  herbs and  making medicines
  • yummy snacks,
  • amazing plays and, of course,
  • all the nice teachers

As a parent, I appreciate the sacred space Sage creates for the children and their families.  She holds a deep respect for the highest good of all.

We are so grateful for all of the meaningful ceremonies and celebrations: Day of the Dead, Solstice events, Festivals and the very touching birthday celebrations.

Many of the songs my daughter learned in the program have worked their way into our repertory for all of our family sing alongs !

We will always remember and be grateful for the community of homeschooling families that we connected with at Sage’s Program.

— Jeny Jones, 2014

(Rosey attended the Wednesday/Friday Program for 4 years. Since then, she has participated in one of our Performance Blocks and two Summer Performance Camps. She will be in the 2014 Monkey King Summer Camp, as well.  Rosey now resides in Tennessee. — Sage)

My 7 year old daughters performed in the play Who’s In Rabbit’s House with Sage Hamilton last summer. The grounds where the camp is held are magical… I didn’t think we were in Boulder anymore! Once we signed in, we were asked to tour the backyard where the camp was to take place. There were chickens, a pond with lily pads, a lush garden, and sand play area. My girls were in heaven. They sang, learned to make Lemon Balm Tea, crafted paper maché masks, designed costumes, and made some new friends. The performance was a hit and I would highly reccommend this camp! — Ashley Dunn, 2014

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