Adults can participate in our Sage Programs as Assistants, Practical Arts Teacher, Plant Mistress Teacher and Volunteers. All positions are viewed as apprenticing to my work. We meet once/week to discuss the week, plan the next week, and dialog about the work, pedagogy, etc.



Afternoon Practical Activities Teacher / Apprentice

All staff apprentice in some way to my work. She/he works with three aspects of curriculum:

  • Wheel of Year – Our Curriculum is deeply married to the beautifully cultivated grounds where we acknowledge and honor the work of Mother Nature, Father Sun, and Nature Spirits.
  • Gardens – Sometimes we have a Plant Mistress who brings even more to our garden work. We harvest foods and medicinal plants in the fall, make medicines in the Winter Greenhouse, and plant in the spring.
  • Practical Arts – These crafting activities can involve the plant world and, as well, they reflect story curriculum.

Full Time Assistant

  • A.M. — Assist Sage. Responsibilities include: Set up, Clean up, Snack, Supervision, Observation of Sage and some Teaching in Circle and Story Time.
  • P.M.  — Assist Practical Arts Teacher to end of day.


Over the years, we have had many individuals just want to come and be a part of the work we are doing here. OH, and we do appreciate it! In the past few years, we have begun a relationship with Naropa and their Early Childhood Education Dept. and students.

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